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Welcome to HAT Company Limited (HAT Co;Ltd)!
The current Year has either opportunities or new challenges for international students  and those setting up their overseas study plan! For the following years, potential or genuine vietnamese students may continuously benefit opportunities due to substantial changes to immigration legislation and policy of all countries after graduation from a degree.
Since 2004, the year of establishment of HAT - Education Agency in HoChiMinh City of VietNam, HAT Company has constantly been on the move and continuously offered its Helpful, Accountable, Trustworthy assistance to Vietnamese students for overseas study purposes! More than five hundred students have been successfully studying in Australia, in the US, in Canada, in New Zealand, in the Europe (France, UK,) , as well as in the Asian countries (Singapore, Japan, Malaysia,..). Some of them already graduated, returned back home with good jobs, or temporarily remaining in the overseas country for working experiences! All of them, their parents, relatives, friends, and HAT team are all happy because we are proud of their success!
Looking towards the following years, it seems likely that the student / study permit visa applicants may almost see further changes in recruitment of international students from education providers, immigration regulations for genuine students. Students may get effective support from HAT for their overseas study purposes! HAT team are always Helpful, Active, Trusted! We try all the best for the effective future of our HAT students!
Changes to streamline visa processing were the highlights over the past years, now essentially raising the bar for entry to many countries on either a temporary or permanent basis! The speed and frequency of changes has also been impressive making it very potential for those in getting a degree or related fields to keep up with the potential career in VietNam later!
HAT Team will do all the best to keep you informed of the admission requirements as they occur, the changes and the implications for a successful visa to travel abroad. Given the approaching rise in overseas study purposes of the year, students and parents should need to keep abreast of the new information and new rules for overseas visas.
Rest assured for those who may need assistance over the current Year, HAT office always maintain a professional staff level as an official registered Education Agent based in HoChiMinh City and administrative support staff available. HAT team has obtained PIER -Qualified Education Counsellor Certificates for Australian education market, Specialist Agent Certificates for New Zealand, ELS Certified Counselor for US education market, joined Agent Familiarization Tour to Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada. Due to these trips,  HAT team may improve overseas study counselling experiences by visiting schools,   school facilities, obtain an insider’s view of  overseas education institutions, meet with school staff on their campus, know more about students’ life and study environment, and participate in interesting networking events organized by the school sponsors.
On behalf of all the team here at HAT Company Limited ( HAT Co;Ltd), as the Adminsitration Manager, I would like to wish You all- our clients, colleagues and students the very best for the festive season and a safe and prosperous New Year. We look forward to closely working with You, and to assisting You for further education purposes.
Best regards,
Administration Manager of HAT Co;Ltd

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HAT ensures seeking potential students for schools. They are well supported and able to obtain accurate information about school and its subsidiary services.
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Attend to enquires from students and provide overseas study counselling about programs and relevant admission criteria.
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Provide accurate information on qualifications of overseas schools/ institutions and potential jobs after graduation.
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