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The Canada Express Study program 2016 in VietNam
The Canada Express Study Program (CES) is launched in Viet Nam from 1 Mar 2016! This is an innovative administrative framework designed to streamline the visa application process for international students studying in Canada from Vietnam. The framework is based on the close cooperation between CICan and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which provides feedback to ensure student compliance with the terms of their study permit. CES aims to reduce the stress of students who are preparing to leave home and study in Canada by improving the Study Permit application checklist, which helps students ensure they have all the necessary documentation to apply to study in Canada. This CES has been effectively applied in India and China, now will streamline visa process by dispensing genuine vietnamese students from showing finance evidence. Only students wishing to study full-time in Canada qualify for CES. They need to apply to a participating college or institute and may be considered under the program if they meet specific criteria: obtaining a minimum IELTS 5.0 (no band less than 4.5), full fee paying study proof (2 semesters), purchasing a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) from Scotiabank of Canada, health examination undergoing 1 week prior to submit a study permit visa application, and the application must be lodged 60 days earlier than the course start date. 38 colleges/institutes based in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are College Partners  of CICan for the Canada Express Study Program. Effective date of this program for VietNamese education market is from 04 April 2016 scheduledly for 18 months of CES pilot. Due to the Canada Express Study Program launching period in VietNam, HAT Co;Ltd will support with no application fees for Colleges Partners of CICan for all students who are interested in full time study in Canada and whose applications meet school entry requirements and CES criteria. For more information on the CES or to apply for a Study Permit, please visit HAT Office:                                      HAT Co;Ltd            88/6 De Tham street, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, HoChiMinh City           Tel: 84-8-2210 2969            Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //
25% for the Cultural Endeavour Scholarship with SIBT
SIBT Sydney Campus has extended the Cultural Endeavour Scholarship with 25% for Certificate IV and Diploma program in 2015. To be eligible, students need to satisfy the following requirements: -  For Certificate IV:  Successful completion of year 11 with minimum average grade of 7.0 and above or equivalent                    - For Diploma: Successful completion of year 12 with grade average of 7.0 and above or equivalent The students need to satisfy the scholarship entry requirements (above) and submit their application together with the scholarship form (as provided by HAT) to be considered. Please take note of the deadlines for each intake as below: Certificate and Diploma: For Session 2 (June 2015), application deadline : 1 May 2015 For Session 3 (October 2015), application deadline: 1 September 2015                       Please contact HAT Office for details of application information:                      88/6 De Tham street, Cau Ong Lanh Ward, District 1, HoChiMinh City                      Tel: 2210 2969                      Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //                                        
Why choose foundation studies at Central Queensland University (CQU)?
What is Foundation Studies? It is a pathway program for international students seeking entry into Business or IT undergraduate degrees. The program aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills required to successfully cope with the demands of undergraduate study. Students explore a range of core discipline concepts and develop useful academic communication and university study skills. How will the program be relevant to my future studies? The program offers a range of courses designed to provide you with discipline specific knowledge and practical study and communication skills. Your understanding and practice of those concepts and skills will prepare you for the demands of your studies in the business and IT fields. You will be able to apply discipline-specific knowledge as well as skills such as critical thinking, academic communication, problem solving and team work to new learning scenarios.  How long does it take to complete it? The program is 2 terms in duration. Each term includes 12 weeks of classes, 1 mid-term break week and 1 week of exams. Between terms you will between 3and 5 weeks of holidays, depending on the term. What’s the total program fee? The total tuition cost for the program is $16, 560. What are the entry requirements? To be eligible for admission, you must be a student on an international student visa, and meet the following minimum age, academic and English language requirements: Age:At least 17 years of age at commencement of the program Academic:completed Year 11 (or equivalent *) with above average grades or Year 12 (or equivalent*). English language:An overall IELTS score of at least 5.5 (or equivalent) with no band less than 5.0. * as stated in the CQUniversity academic entry requirements by country for the Foundation Studies Program. How many courses does the program include? And how many courses will I have to complete each term? The program includes 10 courses, 5 in each term. How many hours will I be expected to commit to my studies? Each week, you will be expected to attend 4 hours of class time per course. This means that you will attend a total of 20 hours of class time per week. In addition to attending classes, you are expected to undertake at least 20 hours of independent study each week. Independent study time can be used to prepare for your classes, study, do research, review what you learnt or work on your assessments. What kind of activities will there be? Will they be individual or group tasks? Class activities will encourage you to engage and collaborate with your classmates. They will involve enquiry or project based learning, pair work and group work, reading and note-making, discussion, problem solving, information retrieval and analysis, listening and note-taking, role-playing, oral presentations, and writing.  You will also be required to undertake independent study to prepare for orsupplement in-class learning, which will include participation in an online management learning system called Moodle. Only the mathematics courses include a final exam, all other courses are assessment-based. Assessments are completed either in class or outside class hours. What grade/mark do I need to complete the program successfully? To successfully complete the program you must complete all courses by achieving a minimum Pass grade in each course, and comply with minimum attendance requirements determined by your visa. Will I be eligible to enrol in undergraduate programs at CQUniversity when I graduate from Foundation Studies? If so, which ones? If you complete the program successfully, you will qualify to enrol in the following undergraduate programs: Undergraduate Business and Accounting Programs Bachelor of Accounting Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Business (Specialisation) Bachelor of Financial Planning Bachelor of Financial Planning/Bachelor of Accounting Bachelor of Hospitality Management Diploma of Business Administration. Undergraduate Information Technology and Digital Media Programs Associate Degree of Information Technology Bachelor of Aviation (Technology) Bachelor of Digital Media Bachelor of Information Technology Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-op) Diploma of Aviation Theory Diploma of Information Technology
What is IELTS Life Skills? What is it for?
For visa applications to the UK, you may need to have an English language qualification. In particular, for many categories of visa, you must submit an English language qualification which is included on the UK Home Office’s list of Secure English Language Tests (often referred to as SELT tests). IELTS Life Skills are necessary for UK visas and immigration from 6 April 2015!  IELTS Life Skills is a test of Speaking and Listening, available at CEFR Level A1 and CEFR Level B1. It is designed to meet the requirements of UK Visas and Immigration for certain visa categories. When and where can I take an IELTS Life Skills test? We will be announcing dates for registration and testing here shortly. IELTS Life Skills tests are available throughout the world, in locations specified by UK Visas and Immigration. The IELTS Life Skills test centres will also be announced here shortly. To find out whether you need to take an approved test, and what level you need to achieve, please visit for more information. What is the format of the IELTS Life Skills test? You take the test with another test taker and one Examiner. Your own performance on both speaking and listening will be assessed during this one session. Why does IELTS Life Skills only cover Speaking and Listening? The new test has been designed to meet specific immigration requirements for which applicants only need to demonstrate speaking and listening skills. How long does the IELTS Life Skills test take? IELTS Life Skills at CEFR Level A1 takes 16-18 minutes and Level B1 is 22 minutes. Is there any break between Speaking and Listening? No. You will be assessed on your Speaking and Listening skills at the same time. How is IELTS Life Skills assessed? A certificated IELTS Examiner will assess your performance throughout the Listening and Speaking test based on the following criteria: ·         obtaining information ·         conveying information ·         speaking to communicate ·         engaging in discussion How can I prepare for the IELTS Life Skills test? Free test samples will be available here shortly. How many copies of IELTS Life Skills Test Report Form will I get? You will receive one copy of the IELTS Life Skills Test Report Form. How soon will I get my IELTS Life Skills results? Test results are normally available within 7 days of your test. How often is an IELTS or IELTS Life Skills test available? For IELTS and IELTS Life Skills, test dates will be available within 28 days of booking your test. How often can I re-take IELTS or IELTS Life Skills? There are no restrictions on retaking IELTS. You can register for a test as soon as you feel you are ready to do so. Candidates who have previously taken the IELTS Life Skills test and have passed are not allowed to re-take the test at the same level within two years. E.g: a candidate who has taken an IELTS Life Skills A1 test and has passed cannot take another Life Skills A1 test within two years. Similarly a candidate who has taken an IELTS Life Skills B1 test and has passed cannot take another Life Skills B1 test within two years.  
Scholarship with PIBT
Navitas English at PIBT often offers scholarships to Vietnamese students!
A new bridging program to your Master degree in 2015
You can pursue Master Degrees in Perth City of Western Australia with cheaper cost! PIBT’s Post graduate Qualifying Program (PQP) may help you with a transfer pathway into Master Degrees at Edith Cowan University within the School of Business and Law. PIBT is happy to offer 10 weeks of English FREE as long as it is packaged with PQP. Some PQP course description:       
PQP a good pathway to Masters' Degrees
Post-graduate Qualifying Program (PQP)to provide a pathway for Vietnamese students to pursue Masters’ degrees at Edith Cowan University (Perth, Australia). What makes PIBT’s PQP a perfect choice for your students? 1.      PIBT’s PQP opens up the door for your students to pursue their Masters studies at Edith Cowan University. ECU is one of the five major universities in the state of Western Australia and offers high quality Masters programs across many disciplines. 2.      ECU’s Masters programs are reasonably priced so your students can focus on their studies and do not have to worry too much about paying tuitions. 3.      Most Masters degrees are two years. That means your students may qualify for a 2-year post graduate work permit upon their graduation. 4.      PIBT’s PQP lasts only 6 months (1 semester) and covers 4 core units, one of which is an discipline unit and treated as an exemption at ECU. It means that your students only have to pay for 3 units to do PIBT’s PQP. 5.      Perth is one of the most livable cities in Australia with reasonable cost of living and high quality of life. 
ELS Canada and 28% tuition promotion
ELS Language Centers Canada offer English for Academic Purposes and General English program in both Toronto and Vancouver 
Vancouver Summer Study Tour Destination
The ELS Summer study program runs for 8 weeks with weekly intake in Vancouver of British Columbia . The program takes place in one of the North Vancouver High School
ELS Canada - Summer Study program
ELS Vancouver Summer Program information to you. Here are some of the main key sales points of this program: •        25 hours of English Lessons per week •        Books and Materials included •        Ages 13 t0 17 (Teen Program) •        Ages 9 to 12 ( Young Learners ) part of the Family Program •        2 social activities as part of the program ( Wednesday and Fridays) •        The program takes place in one of the North Vancouver High School •        Maximum 16 students per class •        Weekly Intake ( Starting  June 29th) •        Flexible arrival date ( Students can arrive middle week and we will have the students in class by next day) •        Homestay Experience •        Single room /or Full Board  

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